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The unique essays during this well timed assortment speak about the various how you can foster cutting edge and remarkable collaborations resulting in better partnerships among significant associations and companies to terrible and disenfranchised groups. a lot of present day urgent concerns are lined in-depth: bridging the electronic divide; group reinvestment; collage and company partnerships; and company accountability.

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Socially Responsible Investing The boardroom leads us to another crucial international trend, socially responsible investing. Once thought of as the domain of granola chewing hippies that hadn’t gotten over Vietnam, socially responsible investing in the United States topped the two TRILLION dollar mark in 1999. That amounts to one out of every $8 under management being invested responsibly and represents an 82 percent increase from 1997 levels. The number of screened socially responsible mutual funds increased to 175 from 139, which itself was an increase from just 55 in 1995.

The American Bar Association10 has adopted two standards of professional responsibility: The Model Rules of Professional Conduct (“The Model Rules”) and The Model Code of Professional Responsibility (“The Code”). Although similar, the controlling ethical standard depends on which one is adopted by the relevant state bar association. It is important to understand that these ethical standards are not law in and of themselves. They merely explain the professional behavior that is expected by the state bar association and the courts.

Congress announced on October 1, 2001, a comprehensive plan to address child slavery on West African cocoa farms and in the cocoa-chocolate sector worldwide. N. 23 The agreement calls for global, industrywide standards and independent monitoring, reporting and public certification to identify and eliminate forced and slave child labor in the growing and processing of cocoa beans. Public certification that cocoa used in chocolate or related products has been grown and processed without child labor also constitutes the agreement.

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