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4. Vowel fronting The high central schwa is fronted when followed by the palatal glide y. 7. 5. Vowel epenthesis Three factors motivate vowel epenthesis: syllable structure conditions, consonant clusters constraints, and the realization of grammatical tone. The syllable structure condition requires a vowel insertion if a disallowed syllable structure were going to occur as a result of the affixation process. Thus if a disallowed syllabic onset or coda were going to emerge, an epenthetic vowel must be inserted.

Glide metathesis Two types of metathesis have been observed. In one the labial glide moves from word-final position to penultimate position. The following variants of the word for 'chicken, hen, rooster' have all been obtained in isolation: ghätäläkw, ghätäläuk, ghätalok. We take the first form to be the underlying one, since there are other words ending in kw. The second form is an instance of segment metathesis, whereby the labial glide is moved to the position before the last consonant. The third variant represents the fusion of the vowel a with the labial glide or the high back vowel after metathesis.

7. Vowel deletion In phrase-internal position the morpheme-final vowel is reduced. Thus the interrogative marker wä 'who' is realized as [w] in phrase-internal position: (75) slä-ä wä leg-GEN who 'whose leg? nä -» [släwnä] Q When the vowel reduction would result in a disallowed consonant cluster, a schwa is inserted. Consider the word mndu 'man'. In phrase-internal position the final vowel is deleted. But if the following word begins with a consonant cluster, a schwa is inserted. The schwa assumes the tone of the syllable to which it is added: (76) mndo rxä man wise 'wise man' The situation is similar for monosyllabic words that begin with a consonant cluster.

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