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Vaeakau-Taumako, often referred to as Pileni, is a Polynesian Outlier language spoken within the Reef and Duff Islands within the Solomon Islands' Temotu Province. this can be a space of serious linguistic variety and long-standing language touch which has had far-reaching results at the linguistic state of affairs.
Historically, audio system of Vaeakau-Taumako have been shipbuilders and navigators who made exchange voyages through the quarter, bringing them into consistent touch with audio system of the Reefs-Santa Cruz, Utupua and Vanikoro languages. The latter languages are just distantly relating to Vaeakau-Taumako, making up an only in the near past pointed out first-order subgroup of Oceanic. Polynesian audio system first arrived within the zone a few 700-1000 years in the past from the center Polynesian components to the east. whereas this present day so much intra-group verbal exchange occurs in Solomon Islands Pijin, typically the location used to be one in all broad multilingualism, and this has left profound strains within the grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako, which exhibits a few structural homes no longer identified from different Polynesian languages.
A Grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako is the main complete grammar of any Polynesian Outlier up to now, and the 1st full-length grammar of any language of Temotu Province. in accordance with huge fieldwork, it really is based as a reference grammar facing all facets of language constitution, from phonology to discourse association, and together with a range of glossed texts. it will likely be of curiosity to typologists, Oceanic linguists, and researchers drawn to language touch.

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E 'agentive preposition'. i 'locative-directional-ablative preposition'. 4 Kalama/dna is NUP. In VAE and TAU klomakina is the usual colloquial form. Vowels 23 All members of the two open lexical classes, nouns and verbs, have one main stress, which falls on the final syllable of the word if this syllable contains a long vowel; otherwise stress is on the penultimate syllable. g. hakamemea [,hakame'mea] 'be pregnant' (haka- 'CAUS'+memea 'child'). Unstressed word-final /if and /u/ may in some cases be devoiced or dropped altogether.

Hatu/ vs. /le'puu/. 2. As it is usually the initial vowel of a sequence which is elided, a possible objection to such an analysis would be that it would lead to elision of the stressed vowel. How- 11 Note, however, that this form is long when used as the head of a noun phrase; cf. 4. 12 But observe that ila 'look' only has the pronounciation ['ila]. 28 Phonology ever, given cases like nepulu [ne'pulu, ne'plu], where the stressed vowel does appear to be elided, this may not be a relevant objection.

G. singeda- singoda 'woman'. beli- bali 'wrap'. tevali- tovali 'refuse, reject'). aka) lehiu -lohiu 'ship" (TAU lehiu, VAE lehiullohiu, NUP lohiu, cf. 4. u- i This alternation is attested in 7 words. The u alternants are diachronically the original forms; the i forms are mostly TAU. 5. Other vowel alternations Several other alternations are found only in one or two words. The following are attested in our corpus: 19 Probably a borrowing from Aiwoo, which has the classifying prefix be- for baskets.

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