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A Latin Grammar offers transparent, concise, and simply understood motives of the entire key issues of Latin grammar. With extra gains akin to a word list of grammatical phrases, a vocabulary checklist overlaying the entire Latin phrases present in the most textual content, examine assistance, and notes on Roman dates, funds, weights and measures, and names, it guarantees that scholars have all of the aid they should supplement their language studying. A Latin Grammar additionally bargains hundreds and hundreds of instance sentences illustrating grammatical issues, a proof of literary phrases, and a useful advisor to pronunciation. this convenient reference is helping scholars carry this influential language to existence.

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Abl. g. g. g. g. fil-T. g. nauta (sailor), agricola (farmer), scriba (clerk, secretary). g. g. g. ager, agr-T. g. fTIT (son), ingenT (character). 4 The following 2nd declension nouns have minor irregularities: deus (god) has nominative plural deTor dl, genitive plural deorum or deum, ablative plural deTs or dis; uir, uirT (man) has genitive plural uirorum or uirum. 5 3rd declension. The gender of all 3rd declension nouns has to be learned. Genitive plural: the general rule is that nouns with stems in I have genitive plural -Ium, while those with stems in consonants have genitive plural -um.

Utrum utrius utr! utrum utro Plural like that of bon-T, bon-ae, bon-a. Similarly: uterque, utraque, utrumque (each of two). e. gen. sing, -fus, dat. sing. -I: alius, alia, aliud nullus, nulla, nullum ullus, ulla, ullum solus, sola, solum totus, tota, totum unus, una, unum other no any only whole one gen. sing. [alius] nullius ullius solius totius umus dat. sing alii null! (ill! sol! tot! unl ••••>Note nemo (no one) which declines: nemof neminem, nullius, nemim, nullo. g. trlstior can mean not only 'sadder' but 'quite sad', 'rather sad', or 'too sad'.

G. ), iam (now, already), semper (always). 4 Comparison of adverbs. g. ) adjective adverb prope {near) saepe (often) comparative adverb propius saepius potius (rather) superlative adverb proxime saepissime potissimum (especially) | Numerals cardinals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 unus 1 duo II tres III quattuor IV qulnque V sex VI septem VIK octo VIII novem IX decern X undecim XI duodecim XII tredecim XIII quattuordecim XIV qulndecim XV 16 17 18 19 20 30 40 50 100 200 300 400 500 l v 000 2,000 sedecim XVI septendecim XVII duodeulgintl XVIII undeulgintl XIX ulgintl XX tnginta XXX quadraginta XL qulnquaginta L centum C ducenti, -ae, -a CC trecentl, -ae, -a CCC quadringentl, -ae, -a CCCC qulngentl D mllle M duo mllia MM Notes 1 The numbers 4-100 do not decline; 200-900 decline like born, -ae, -a.

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