A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical by Dietz P.H. PDF

By Dietz P.H.

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This is called a series connection. Resistors in series add. We can plug this current back into Ohm’s Law for each resistor to find the voltage across them. For R1: R1 V R1 = I R1 = V -------------------R1 + R2 Similarly, for R2 we get R2 V R2 = I R2 = V -------------------R1 + R2 As expected, V is divided between the two resistors. You should note that the bigger resistor will have the larger voltage drop. ) If the two resistors were the same size, you would get the same voltage drop (half the supply voltage) across each of them.

With the addition of a single resistor, we can make this happen as shown below: switch An Input Pin 5V 10kΩ Stamp GND The resistor provides a path to ground, removing any residual charge on the input pin that could leave it floating at 5V. This solves the electrical problem. Unfortunately, we still have a mechanical problem. When the two contacts of the switch hit together, they tend to bounce off of each other a few times before settling down. It’s very similar to what happens when you drop a ping-pong ball on a hard surface.

If you are very smart, you play the game cleverly. For example, if you know the number is between 0 and 100, your first guess should be 50. This evenly splits the range, giving you the maximum amount of information from the guess. If you split the remaining range every time, it will take you log2n guesses to find the correct neighborhood of n numbers. For your assignment, you are to build an ADC which reads a 0V - 5V input, and tells you which of eight ranges it is in. These ranges should be equally spaced and are shown below.

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