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A ōfuku futari, futsūsha, ... made for today a kyō no for tomorrow a ashita no for next Tuesday a raisyū no Kayōbi Shinkansen wa tokubetsu ryōkin desu b there’s a supplement for the Bullet Train zaseki o yoyaku shimasu ka? b do you want to make a seat reservation? Okayama de norikaete kudasai b you have to change at Okayama what time is the last train to Kyoto? a Kyoto e no saisyūdensha wa nanji desu ka? is this seat free? a kono seki wa aite imasu ka? excuse me, which station are we at? a sumimasen, koko wa doko no eki desu ka?

Kurejit·to-kado wa tsukaemasu ka? @ ABCD kurejit·to-kado de haraemasu ka? cucumber which card do you want to use? doko no kado desu cup kyuri EFGH kap·pu IJK ka? , please Mastercard/Visa hitotsu kudasai masuta/biza desu yes, sir hai, oshiharai itadakemasu what’s the number? ban·go o itadakemasu ka? and the expiry date? yukokigen wa itsu desu ka? LMNOPQRST cupboard poteto-chip·pu oshire UVWX (with shelves) todana YZ curly kari-hea (no) [\]^_` abc curtains crisps …o ABCDEFGHIJKLCu can I pay by credit card?

Can I book a seat? ghijklmn op dialogue I’d like to book a table for two teburu o futari-yo ni 42 butsu (of car) toranku vwxy border (of country) kok·kyo bored: I’m bored taikutsu z{ hone book (noun) stu hon-ya desu |}~¡ boring taikutsu (na) ¢£¤ born: I was born in ... (place) … de umaremashita ¥¦§¨©ª«¬ (year) … ni umaremashita ­®¯°±²³ borrow karimasu ´µ¶¸ …o okarishite mo i desu ka? may I borrow ...? "# bottle-opener $%& sake ip·pon sen·nuki bottom (of person) '( brandy burande `abcd bread pan ef oshiri at the bottom of the ...

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