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By Carl Bernstein

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Drawing from 1000s of interviews with colleagues, pals and with specific entry to crusade documents, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and writer Carl Bernstein bargains a posh and nuanced portrait of 1 of the main arguable figures of our time: Hillary Clinton. He has given us a booklet that permits us, eventually, to handle the questions american citizens are insistently--even obsessively--asking: what's her personality? what's her political philosophy? who's she? What do we count on from her?

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From the 17th century Cavaliers and Uncle Tom's Cabin to Civil Rights museums and today's conflicts over the accomplice flag, here's a remarkable portrait of southern id, served in an interesting mixture of background, literature, and pop culture. during this insightful publication, written with dry wit and sharp perception, James C. Cobb explains how the South first got here to be seen--and then got here to determine itself--as a sector except the remainder of the US.
As Cobb demonstrates, the legend of the aristocratic Cavalier origins of southern planter society used to be nurtured by way of either northern and southern writers, simply to be challenged by means of abolitionist critics, black and white. After the Civil warfare, defeated and embittered southern whites included the Cavalier delusion into the cult of the "Lost Cause," which provided the emotional power for his or her decided campaign to rejoin the Union all alone phrases. After international conflict I, white writers like Ellen Glasgow, William Faulkner and different key figures of "Southern Renaissance" in addition to their African American opposite numbers within the "Harlem Renaissance"--Cobb is the 1st to teach the robust hyperlinks among the 2 movements--challenged the recent South creed by means of asking how the grandiose imaginative and prescient of the South's prior should be reconciled with the dismal truth of its current. The Southern self-image underwent one other sea swap within the wake of the Civil Rights move, while the top of white supremacy shook the previous definition of the "Southern manner of life"--but even as, African american citizens started to study their southern roots extra brazenly and include their neighborhood, in addition to racial, id. because the millennium grew to become, the South faced a brand new identification challenge caused by international homogenization: if Southern tradition is all over the place, has the recent South turn into the No South?
Here then is a tremendous paintings by way of certainly one of America's most interesting Southern historians, a magisterial synthesis that mixes wealthy scholarship with provocative new insights into what the South capability to southerners and to the United States in addition.

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