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When air handling units are selected for heating-only applications, the coil face velocity can be much higher than is permissible with cooling coils. In addition, no condensate drain pans are required. If future cooling is considered, the coil face velocities should be selected based on cooling coil parameters with a drain pan added to the unit. 1. Further changes, such as switching to VAV would also be required. , a gym). They are similar to heating and ventilating systems except a cooling coil is included in the unit to cool air as necessary.

The rooftop unit controller can operate the hot water control valve. In addition the previously discussed sound issues, rooftop refrigeration equipment creates sound issues. The McQuay RPS unit has a cantilevered condensing section that resolves compressor noise in the space. However environmental sound must be checked with all roof mounted equipment. Most local codes have requirements that certain sound levels be met at the property line. This is especially true for schools, which are built in residential neighborhoods.

Some air handling units like the McQuay Vision unit will allow the coil to be removed vertically. Low wide units provide more head room for running ducting above while narrow tall units require less floor space and less room for coil removal. The McQuay Vision and other custom air handling units can vary the cross sectional area of the unit to best fit the mechanical room. The condensate trapping height must be correct or the unit will flood. Concrete house keeping pads are common but expensive.

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