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I Check presence of + 12 V between: -m G67 connection pin 3 and ground. G67 connection pin 4 and ground. 7 Ifnecessary rester; w i r i n g . 7 of ECU connecter. 7 NO Replace 512 relay. 1 I YES TEST No. 6 I I I Check vehicle wirina between positive battej and pin 3 and4 on G67 connection ,i ‘,, COMPLETE ~ CAR ~ 1, TEST N{. 8 - CilECK ON LAMBDA PROBE (CU PIN 13) ,, l Conmct wiring side ‘connecter to CU. S. With startect e n g i n e c h e c k t h e NC presence :of ,12 V o n p r e h e a t l n g r e s i s t a n c e termlnals of Lambda p r o b e .

C. Measure pressure drop in system (it must not iexceed h. On completion of operation, start the engine letting it idle run for few ( minutes and then switch ignition off. in’ 10 minutes). This procedure is valid for electronic injection i -78 engines with catalytic convertor pnly. 7 mm Hz0 d. i. Repeat test as per steps c. and d. to check that diagnosis is correct and repair is efficient. If within 10 minutes the pressure drop exceéds this value, locate leak spreading pipes with suds or using gas detectorl This procedure is to be effected when reaching the km stated on “Chart of Vehicle Ma,intenance Operations”,and if the foll,owing symptoms occur: 1.

THE END OF. TESTS THE ANOMALY SHOULD REMAIN, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO CHEF! MAIN MECHANICAL’ DEVICES SUCH AS VALVES, CYLINDERS, COUbLINGS, TIGHTNESS OF AIR INTAKE DUCTS, ETC. 1 - CHECK OF FUEL PUMP CONTROL i- ‘, NO /Check NO During a starting, check + 12 V on fuel pump terminals. l fuel’ system pressure. Connect a pressure gauge to fuel cir&t. 8 bars and 32 bars. NOTE: ~ The pu’mp,must turn for a few seconds even, wjth the key in the “MARCIA” running, position. ’ Check G4 Fuse (15 A) I YES YES .

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