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The purpose of this survey, written by way of V.A. Iskovskikh and Yu.G. Prokhorov, is to supply an exposition of the constitution conception of Fano types, i.e. algebraic vareties with an abundant anticanonical divisor. Such types clearly look within the birational category of sorts of detrimental Kodaira measurement, and they're very on the subject of rational ones. This EMS quantity covers various techniques to the type of Fano forms akin to the classical Fano-Iskovskikh ''double projection'' procedure and its alterations, the vector bundles procedure because of S. Mukai, and the strategy of extremal rays. The authors talk about uniruledness and rational connectedness in addition to contemporary development in rationality difficulties of Fano forms. The appendix comprises tables of a few periods of Fano kinds. This ebook could be very necessary as a reference and learn advisor for researchers and graduate scholars in algebraic geometry.

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To give evidences for the statement, we use the fermionic formulas for the characters corresponding to the grading (3). To obtain the fermionic formulas for the characters, we use the technique of abelianization. The abelianization technique is a degeneration of the algebra to an algebra with greater number of generators but with quadratic relations. In many cases the obtained algebra is abelian whence the technique tooks its name. In our case the algebra obtained by application of the abelianization technique is not abelian but is very close to an abelian one.

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