Amazing True Stories of Execution Blunde - download pdf or read online

By Geoffrey Abbott, G. (Geoffrey) Abbott, Jeremy Beadle

ISBN-10: 1429411201

ISBN-13: 9781429411202

ISBN-10: 1840245034

ISBN-13: 9781840245035

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Indd 48 12/04/2006 14:48:29 AXE up the Lords of the Council, and assaulted the Queen’s subjects on the streets. He confessed everything, even admitting that the Queen could never be safe as long as he lived. The court found him guilty of High Treason and sentenced him to death. Elizabeth, despite her feelings towards him, realised the danger he posed and reluctantly issued the final order for his execution. On 25 February 1601, the 34-year-old Earl, wearing ‘a gown of wrought velvet, a black sattin suit, a felt hat blacke, with a little ruff about his neck,’ was escorted by sixteen yeoman warders from his prison in the Develin Tower (now known, appropriately enough, as the Devereux Tower) on to Tower Green.

Indd 62 12/04/2006 14:48:36 BRANDING floated about her loosened hair. At that moment her entire body was seized with a convulsion so violent that the second letter ‘V’ was applied, not to her shoulder, but on her breast, her beautiful breast. Mme de la Motte’s tortured body writhed in one last convulsive moment. Somehow she found strength enough to turn and sink her teeth into the executioner’s shoulder, through the leather vest, to the flesh, bringing blood. ’ On recovering she was taken back by coach to the prison where, as the vehicle slowed down, she tried to throw herself under the wheels.

Indd 54 12/04/2006 14:48:32 AXE erected at Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London, where awaited the other equally terrifying member of the judicial duo, executioner Jack Ketch. ’ After praying, he removed his peruke (wig), cravat and coat, then handed Ketch ten gold guineas, saying that the executioner should strike without waiting for a sign. indd 55 12/04/2006 14:48:33 AMAZING TRUE STORIES OF EXECUTION BLUNDERS He knelt over the block and Ketch brought the axe down, but only succeeded in inflicting a deep and penetrating wound.

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