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First, there would no longer be a need to compensate for the diurnal variations in the Earth’s field. Frequency stability would be a function of the stability of the power supply used to generate the detection field. Second, the detection field could be oriented in a more convenient direction than the naturally occurring Earth’s magnetic field, and could be switched in polarity in a spin-echo sequence to refocus dephasing due to detection-field inhomogeneity. In addition, the strength of the detection field would be under user control.

Andrew McDowell has a scheme to tune microcoils with terrible Q-values due to thin wires that have substantial resistivity [2] at frequencies that are too low to deal with convenient values of tuning capacitors. He obtains excellent SNRs by connecting the microcoils in series with large, high-Q dummy coils. The microcoil acts as a resistor to the tank circuit, while the dummy coil sets the resonance condition. Additional descriptions of these coils will be provided later, in conjunction with the accompanying ultracompact magnet.

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