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For a long time the point of interest of worry and disgust, the anus is absolutely one of many human body's such a lot wondrous creations-elegant, effective, and richly provided with excitement nerves. besides the fact that, pressure and lack of expertise can flip the anus and its services from a resource of pleasure right into a painful incapacity. What's wanted is an owner's manual-and the following it really is! sign up for therapist and sexologist Jack Morin, Ph.D., in this travel of the anus, entire with info and routines to open the door to new assets of convenience and gratification. You'll unlearn conduct which may reason every little thing from hemorrhoids to persistent pelvic discomfort- and, in the event you decide on, study new methods of accomplishing solo and partnered pleasures via this humblest of portals.

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Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen, in discussing the relative strength of male and female sex drives, underscored the following: Cross-cultural studies and individual cases from our own society indicate very clearly that one cannot here speak of a genuine sex difference. What we do see (as Margaret Mead and other anthropologists have pointed out) is that societies which encourage women to respond sexually produce females who demonstrate a sexual impulse of equal strength to that of men. On the other hand, where society discourages or penalizes the manifestation of strong sexual desire in women, it produces females whose sexual impulse seems to be inferior to that of the male.

1971. Menopause and sex. Sexual Behavior, I :60. By permission of Interpersonal Publications. , and Kronhausen, E. 1964. The Sexually Responsive Woman, New York: Grove Press, Inc. By permission of Grove Press, Inc. ules toward Sex and Strength of Sexual Drive 19 atric Education, Hahneman Medical College and Hospital) that the Masters and Johnson study pointed up the fact that the strength of the male sex drive does not surpass that of women (1970, p. 43). Dr. Lieberman (Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Cornell Medical School), in a round-table discussion of the sexual responsiveness in women, stated that married women frequently complain that their spouses do not display a sufficient degree of sexual drive.

My husband. With respect to initiating sex activity, I dare not; it seems to scare my husband. " "Mate. I used to be active but lately I've become passive. The more aggressive I am, the more passive he becomes. " Equal Initiation of S~xual Activity "Sometimes he does, sometimes I do. Very active, I want to enjoy myself, get as much out of it as I can. I want him to enjoy me. " "Both. " "About equal. Generally passive, but at times quite active. " "Both. I am generally active, however, my mate prefers a passive female.

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