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By A. Pozzolini, Anne F. Showstack

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Condition. In order to be really at peace, I would like you not to be too frightened or too disturbed, whatever sentence they might give mc. I want you to understand clearly, also with your ' heart, that I am a political prisoner and that I will be convicted for political reasons, that I do not now nor will I ever have to be ashamed because of this situation , After all, I myself wanted this imprisonment and this sentence, in a certain sense, because I have never wanted to change my opinions, for which I would not merely be willing to stay in prison, but to give my life.

I have decided to occupy myself predominantly with and to take notes on these three subjects . First, Italian history in the 19th-· century, with special references to the formation and the development of intellectual groups. S econd, the theory of history and of historiography. ' And he asked for a host of books for reference. Tatiana's visits were frequent, and Gramsci's interest in the ex­ ternal world and in political life was very acute. Naturally, it did not only extend to what might interest him personally, such as the outcome of t'he petition forwarded to the Supreme Court in the name of all the communist prisoners after the sentence of the Special Tribunal.

H the end of August and where he was able to re­ ceive frequent visits from his brother, Carlo, from his sister-in-law, and from his friend, Piero Sraffa , We know very little about his stay in hospital and about the last months of his life, 1936 and 193 7, His letters were greatly reduced in nwnber but those he wrote to his wife and to his two small children were more and more nwnerous. 'Dear Delio,' he wrote to his son, by now 12 years old, 'Your notes become more and more stereotyped, I believe you have enough time to write at greater length and in a more interesting way, There is no need to write at the last moment, in a terrible hurry before going for a walk.

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