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By Rudi Te Velde

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"Aquinas on God" offers an available exploration of Thomas Aquinas' belief of God. targeting the "Summa Theologiae", the paintings containing Aquinas' such a lot systematic and whole exposition of the Christian doctrine of God, Rudi te Velde acquaints the reader with Aquinas' theological realizing of God and the metaphysical rules and propositions which underlie his undertaking. Aquinas' perception of God isn't handled as an remoted metaphysical doctrine, yet from the point of view of Aquinas' extensive theological view which underlies the scheme of the Summa. Readers attracted to Aquinas, historic theology, metaphysics, and metaphysical discourse on God within the Christian culture will locate this new contribution to the stories of Aquinas beneficial.

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It is important to acknowledge the proper theological context and aim of the Five Ways in the Summa. They are but a small, though necessary, first step in the systematic exposition of the scientia of sacred doctrine inasmuch as they provide the initial access to the intelligibility of the subject of this scientia. The arguments are basically object-orientated, that means, they address the question of how the truth (or reality) of God is accessible to human understanding, and not that different epistemological question of how my (our) belief that God exists may be rationally ascertained in its reference to objective reality.

The quotation is from Augustine, De trinitate, XIV, 1. th. 8, ad 2. 36 For a good discussion of the Aristotelian notion of scientia, see Jenkins, Knowledge and Faith in Thomas Aquinas. th. 2: ‘…there are two kinds of sciences. There are some which proceed from principles known by the natural light of intelligence, such as arithmetic and geometry and the like. th. ’ 39 According to Chenu, it is essential for a science in the Aristotelian sense that it proceeds from principles which are per se nota.

The truth about which Thomas wishes to speak in the Summa is normatively determined by the founding texts of Christianity and the doctrinal system of the Church. Still, the phrase ‘Catholic truth’ must be read, I think, in a speculative sense, and with the emphasis on truth. If it is about truth, then it cannot be relative to a particular point of view or to a particular religious tradition by which ‘insiders’ (the faithful) are divided from ‘outsiders’. Catholic truth is not simply the truth as Catholics see it, that is, their particular perception of the truth.

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