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By Prof. Dr. Heiko Braak (auth.)

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This is a well timed opus. such a lot folks now are too younger to recollect the disagreeable ring of a polemic among those that produced "hair-splitting" parcellations of the cortex (to paraphrase one among O. Vogt's favorite expressions) and those that observed the cortex as a homogeneous matrix sus­ taining the reverberations of EEG waves (to paraphrase Bailey and von Bonin). One camp accused the opposite of manufacturing bogus arrangements with a paint brush, and the opposite direction round the accusation was once that of terrible eye-sight. Artefacts of assorted types have been invoked to give an explanation for the opponent's errors, starting from perceptual results (Mach bands crispening the areal borders) to negative fixation supposedly because of perfusion too quickly (!) after dying. i've got heard such a lot of this at once from the protagonists' mouths. The polemic was once now not resolved however it has mellowed with age and finally light out. i used to be relieved to work out that Professor Braak elegantly avoids dis­ cussion of an extrememist guiding principle, that of "hair-sharp" areal limitations, which makes little feel in developmental biology and is inappropriate to neurophysiology. It used to be truly damaging to cortical neuroanatomy, on account that its negation resulted in the concept structurally specified parts will not be in any respect existent. but, not anyone could deny the truth of 5 arms on one hand whether the distinct task of each epidermal cellphone to at least one finger or one other is clearly impossible.

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R~ ~ _ ~"_,~ . ~y. ,~. '. ~. '... -....... ; '. '. 'li;;~, ,.... '. :. -. < ". ~. - ,. "~~. i; ;~j:-:,. "'... ,"'" . '3 " ". JI".... , ",. , < ... ,' '. ". ' ,.. '" ".. " • < ...... ' . - .. ,'''' ". ~·", •• ~ ....... ; /. '!. '. ,,' '. ,. ,. ' . ". -, CA 1 ' . ',.. \1' \. • ,....... - CA2 1mm . 5. Legend see p. 26 Fig 28 The Allocortex nucleus. The perikaryal cytoplasm is confined to a narrow rim which is poor in basophilic material and contains only a few feebly tinged pigment granules.

The collaterals preferably terminate in the stratum oriens. The main constituents of the stratum oriens are the basket cells with large spindle-shaped cell bodies. The Nissl substance is diffusely dispersed and mostly restricted to the marginal parts of the soma. A great number of cells in the stratum oriens are crammed with intensely stained lipofuscin granules (H. Braak, 1974a). The basket cells issue wide spreading dendrites from opposite poles of the cell body. The dendrites are generally smoothly contoured.

It shows blurred upper and lower borders, probably due to the fact that there is no clear-cut granular layer. The broad plexus lies within the limits of the pyramidal layer. In pigment preparations, this outer cellular band is particularly distinguished by its pallor. Narrow superficial parts with pigmented pyramids are followed by an extremely broad external tenia which covers major parts of the outer main stratum. The amount of the pigment stored within the nerve cells decreases gradually as the cortex is descended, a rather uncommon feature which occurs in only a few cortical fields.

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