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By Peter Penfold

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In early 1997 Peter Penfold, arrived in Sierra Leone because the British excessive Commissioner. This interesting ebook describes not only his eventful three-year journey however the heritage and next occasions that positioned this small state on the heart of the area stage.During his journey, he came across himself as correct hand guy to the country's beleaguered President Kabbah. because of insurgent activities, together with surprising atrocities, the writer needed to not just evacuate the overseas neighborhood (twice) yet was once compelled out himself. now and then, he flew in day-by-day from British warships, because the state of affairs used to be dangerously unstable.We learn the way presently after being praised by means of leading Minister Tony Blair for his pivotal function in getting this as soon as wealthy kingdom again on its toes, he discovered himself less than Customs and Excise research and Parliamentary Committee scrutiny for his intended position within the 'Arms for Africa' Enquiry. whereas reprimanded through the FCO, he was once feted and made a Paramount leader via the Sierra Leone people.He describes how, after his journey was once minimize brief regardless of his and the host Government's appeals, the location back deteriorated. He provides a hugely knowledgeable account of the following occasions together with the SAS Operation BARRAS - the rescue of the British army hostages. this can be a vitally important account in line with the main privileged wisdom.

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