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Medical interventions over the past fifty years may also have contributed to a rise in the prevalence of ID. The increased life span of persons with ID, for example, increases the prevalence of ID: children with Down syndrome now live well into adulthood (Yang, Rasmussen, and Friedman 2002). Furthermore, the clinical successes of neonatalogists and cardiothoracic surgeons, among other clinicians, mean that many children who would have died in infancy one or two generations ago, now survive to school age and are frequently diagnosed with ID and other neurodevelopmental disabilities (Aylward 2002; Wernovsky, Shillingford, and Gaynor 2005).

Health care system’s traditional focus on technologically sophisticated medical interventions delivered at the hospital bedside or doctor’s office the best approach to improving child health or addressing the needs of people with develop­ mental disabilities? This essay offers one preliminary answer to this key public policy question. There is a limit to using historical epidemiology to answer Shriver’s question, and it is implied in his use of the antiquated meaning of the word ‘‘moron’’ to mean mild ID.

2:104–24. ———. 1996. The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability. New York: Routledge. Wikler, Daniel. 1979. ’’ Philosophy and Public Affairs 8, no. 4:377–92. Williams, Bernard. 2008. ’’ In Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline, 135–54. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Wong, Sophia. 2002. ’’ Hypatia 17, no. 3 (Summer):89–117. This page intentionally left blank Part 1: Intellectual Disability: The Medical Model and Beyond 2 THE LIMITS OF THE MEDICAL MODEL: HISTORICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY OF INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY IN THE UNITED STATES JEFFREY P.

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