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By Barbara Hand Clow

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During this thoroughly revised and elevated variation of Catastrophobia, bestselling writer Barbara Hand Clow explains how mythical cataclysms—such because the fall of Atlantis and the biblical Flood—were real occasions that experience left humanity's collective psyche deeply scarred. Guided by way of Carl Johan Calleman's research of the Mayan Calendar, she explains how we're starting a collective therapeutic as old stories of prehistory wake up in our minds and free up our unprocessed worry. through remembering and relocating past the trauma of our lengthy misplaced previous, we are going to convey the period of cataclysms to an finish and wake up to an period of inventive task.

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In dealing gracefully with dual obligations upon me to publish aspects of this work in two places – Medieval Archaeology and the present book – as well as for the initial invitation to address the Copenhagen seminar, Catharina Raudvere has my grateful thanks. g. Archaeology as Long-Term History, ed. by Ian Hodder (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987); Anders Andrén, Mellan ting och text: en introduktion till de historiska arkeologierna (Stockholm: Brutus Östlings bokförlag Symposion, 1997); Bjørnar Olsen, Fra ting til tekst: teoretiske perspektiv i arkeologisk forskning (Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1997); John Moreland, Archaeology and Text (London: Duckworth, 2001).

We can find evidence of the same practice even at Kaupang, if we return to the complex ship burial that I described at the beginning. There I focussed just on the sequence of events within that one grave, but if we look to its immediate environs several further questions are 34 my thic acts Fig. 3. A reconstruction of grave 3751 from Gausel in Rogaland, Norway, dated to the mid-ninth century. Drawing by Þórhallur Þráinsson, after an original by R. L. Børsheim, © the author. raised. 45 Many of them also contain multiple individuals, though with variant body positions, accompanying objects and animals, and indeed different combinations of human age and sex.

Translation is problematic but the text makes allusions to at least eight narratives by means of short phrases, perhaps riddles, in prose and verse. g. g. ‘Where is the battlefield on which twenty kings lie dead? 46 The detail of the stories is deliberately omitted, and the same idea of hidden powers is a common theme in the mythological poems of the Eddas, with their lists of spells and charms, of knowledge 37 more than my thology dearly bought and only sparingly communicated. 47 While we have known for centuries that many of the poems are divided up into a number of ‘speaking parts’ and characters, it is now clear that the manuscripts also contain what amount to stage directions and marginal notes for actors.

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