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By André Moliton

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Easy Electromagnetism and fabrics is the fabricated from a long time of educating simple and utilized electromagnetism. This textbook can be utilized to educate electromagnetism to a variety of undergraduate technology majors in physics, electric engineering, or fabrics technological know-how. even if, by way of making lesser calls for on mathematical wisdom than competing texts, and through emphasizing electromagnetic homes of fabrics and their functions, this textbookis rather acceptable for college students of fabrics technology. Many competing texts specialize in the learn of propagation waves both within the microwave oroptical area, while simple Electromagnetism and fabrics covers the full electromagnetic area and the actual reaction of fabrics to those waves.

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18. Cross section of a current tube. Given a conductor with a cross section (dS) perpendicular to the current lines. The intensity of the current traversing dS is given by dI = j dS =V E dS , so that Chapter 1. Introduction to fundamental equations of electrostatics and magnetostatics E= 1 dI V dS 23 . dl  ³ B A A A 1 dI V dS B dl . By making r ³ 1 dl AV dS , we find that (with dI B being a constant between A and B under a stationary state): VA - VB = dI ³ A so that dI = Making R = VA  VB r V dS , .

3. 13(b), the total charge (Q) of V is not necessarily G constant and can a priori change with the flux traversing S . ndS . S S If dQm exits the volume V, the conservation of charge implies that the total charge in dQ dQm I , which can be rewritten as V varies as dQ = - dQm . Thus  dt dt dQ I+ = 0 , where dQ is the variation in internal charge during the given period of dt time. This equation means that there is no accumulation of charge at certain points in a circuit. 2. dS ³³³ div j dW S  dQ dt =- d dt ³³³ U dW = -³³³ dU dt Ÿ dW with Q = ³³³ U dW § G ³³³ ¨ div j  © wU · ¸ dW wt ¹ 0 , so that G wU div j  wt 0 This formula is called the continuity equation and also represents a conservation of charge.

Q dl cos T 4SH0 r² . Chapter 2. 2. (a) Electric dipole; and (b) force couple. 2. Energy of an electric dipole in a uniform electric field ( E ) It is worth recalling here that an electric charge placed at a point N at an electric potential (VN) takes on a potential energy (Ep) E p = W(q) = q VN . 2, with –q at A and +q at B, is therefore E p = - q V(A) + q V(B) = q (VB - VA ). AB . E . For a dipole with a moment µ G ql, then G G E P = - µ. 3. 2(b). 3. 1. 3 shows a condenser that has armatures carrying the charges +Q and –Q: The potential gradient is therefore only between the armatures that have a known surface area (S), outside of which the electric field can be considered zero.

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