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By Jeyseon Lee

ISBN-10: 0781810922

ISBN-13: 9780781810920

This package deal includes a booklet & 2 CDs. This advent to the Korean language is designed to supply mastery of conversational fundamentals and grammar constitution to scholars. perfect for either school room use and self-study, the teachings mix dialogues with functional vocabulary and transparent factors of Korean grammar. widespread aspect bars characteristic very important cultural details and beneficial counsel for travelers. The ebook additionally contains a consultant to the 'hangul' writing process and a bilingual vocabulary index.

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First is L -~ form transitive verbs from positional, affect, and transitiv Vowel harmony is probably only semi-produc­ Two suffixes show vowel harmony. 6 #74), which forms measure words. roots. The The vowel L They can be loosely classified as "causatives;" som 48 MORPHOPHONEMICS MORPHOPHONEMICS Table 1. Vowel Disharmonic Suffixes Preceding Vowel: (# of examples) i e described by the root, and some form a verb which indicates that the quality described by the root arises through the a o u 1 7 7 15, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

2 #26). Examples: 1 iyajii- 1 xb'alamii- 'dress' from xb'aalan 'clothing' t-xaqaniil 'stoniness' from xaqan 'rocky' -muu 2 ttx'attx'ajiil -wee 1 -nee -maa -wii -~ either have too few examples to see as clear a pattern, or ary as a data base. 1 -tx'ii -naa after back vowels and -puu after nonback vowels. after each possible root vowel, using the Ixtahuacan diction 1 -tz'ii -lee 2 1 -tz'aa It has the form also shows the same pattern of disharmony, but other suffixe 3 1 The most common of the suffixes is which shows almost perfect disharmony.

3p are not distinct and are therefore ambiguous because there is no way to differentiate the patient when the agent requires 1utive prefixes, cross-reference their agents with ergative an enclitic, unless the third person is indicated in a noun markers, and use the transitive forms of the suffixes of 2 mOde • The agent can be omitted entirely to express an phrase. Furthermore, the combinations: Table 2. Logically Possible: Is -+ 2s ( Is -+ 3s Is -+ Is -+ P 2 3p ! C 'I hit you/him/her/it' tJ > :2 rna ch-ok n-tzeeq'an-a 2s -+ Is 2s -+ 3s 2s -+ Ip excl 2s -+ 3p ma qo ok t-tzeeq'an-a ma ch-ok t-tzeeq'an-a 3s -+ Is ?

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