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By Lyall Watson

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In his thought-provoking e-book, Watson takes a significant examine the international of the supernatural and exhibits that many paranormal occasions may be defined via what's already identified concerning the flora and fauna.

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Arthur, as a literary figure, was chosen as the modern “savior” to rediscover this chalice because he was the Pendragon. Pen means “head,” and therefore Arthur is the head dragon or serpent, just as Jesus was. What we also find is that every single royal lineage on the globe has claimed descent from the serpent. Whether it be the Merovingians or the Chinese dragon emperors—they are all claiming to be descended from the “bloodline” of the serpent! And this is how it has become so easy for David Icke and those like him to claim that the royal family are really shape-shifting reptiles, because their own mythological history claims descent from the wise serpent—the same wise serpent that lies at the heart of the world’s secret societies.

This, of course, hides a deeper and more symbolic understanding that the initiated, the ancient Shining Priesthood of the sun knew how to decipher. The cyclic pattern and life-giving nature of the sun is key to the secrets of the ancient Shining Ones. The movements of the sun have inspired tales of where the sun god goes and why he comes back, of battles fought and death overcome. This last idea of overcoming death gives us the first hint at how man has used the sun god fables and mysteries to hide the secret ideas of how we could be reincarnated.

We amazingly found that this was mixed within a “mixing bowl” or skull and G 54 The Secret of the Holy Grail... then drunk as an Elixir of Life, and that this had then come down to us as one of the elements of the Holy Grail. Snake venom was also made into a “stone” or pill. We also found that snake venom has psychoactive properties, which induce altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences, much akin to those needed for the true enlightenment experience. ” In both ways then, as a serious vitamin pill and as a key to the mystical world, the venom of the snake was a unique product.

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