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The third paper from this group (Bush et al. 1981) examined protein synthesis in irradiated BHK-21/C13 cells in the high-precision, waveguide-exposure system. A wide range of frequencies and two power densities were used. The authors failed to detect any effect of the RFEM radiation. Further studies on cellular function have been almost nonexistent in the peer reviewed literature. The weight of the evidence is that, with the exception of calcium efflux experiments, reported elsewhere in this report, athermal effects of microwave power on cellular function are difficult to demonstrate.

The implications of the induced bands are unknown. Chromosomal aberrations have also been reported to result from exposure to low-intensity RFEM radiation both in vitm and in vivo. Stodolnik-Baranaka (1966), for example, reported damaging effects of three exposures of human lymphocytes in vivo to 3-GHz fields a t intensities of 7 to 14 mW/cm2. The chromosomal aberrations included chromatid breaks, dicentrics and exchanges. Such exposure also resulted in the activation' of lymphocytes including lymphoblastoid transformations.

0 GHz. No alterations in the mutagenic end point investigated, namely repair indices, were detected at an intensity of 1 mW/cm2, whereas greater than 10-h exposures at 10 or 20 mW/cm2 significantly retarded repair. Exposure at 10 mW/cm2 resulted in temperature elevations of 2 to 4 "C in the culture medium whereas elevations of 6 to 8 "C occurred at 20 mW/cm2. The authors concluded that temperature elevations below 2 "C do not induce genetic damage. Alterations induced by exposure to 20-mW/cm2 fields were assumed to be due to a combination of thermal and athermal effects, but the effects at 10 mW/cm2 were not attributed to thermal mechanisms.

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